“Knowing Your Rights.”

Your well being and peace of mind are important to us. For that reason, we will do our best and take the time necessary to get you the highest refund you are eligible for, while making sure your rights as an employee and taxpayer are upheld.

We have a team of tax professionals that for more than 8 years have acquired the knowledge and the skills to be proficient in any tax issue no matter how complex it may appear. Our team is always up to date with the new tax laws to be able to obtain better deductions and credits.

Individual Tax Return

“Your peace of mind at a reasonable price”
Your tax return is more than just numbers listed on two pages. A return is also a tool with the power to help plan you and your family plan for the future.

At La Oficina, we make sure you understand in detail the most important information shown on your 1040 form and schedules. Before you leave our offices we will make sure you understand your situation to get the peace of mind that a well-prepared tax return should give you.

Taxes for Small Business

“Personalized service and long term support”
We have personnel that have been educated in corporate taxation, partnership taxation and taxation for self-employed individuals to make sure every single return signed at our office is well prepared.

We effectively prepare form 1040 with schedules C, E, and F for individuals and form 1065 for partnerships not incorporated and form 1120 and 1120S for incorporated entities.

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